Friday, January 20, 2017

Understanding how to help improve your child's reading skills

How Help Improve your Child's Reading Skills

Want to help your child improve their reading skills?  Meet our guest and reading specialist is Sherry Wangen, the Assistant Department Chair for the Reading/Development Education department at GCC.

(Click here to access the document that lists all of the resources that Sherry has gathered for you.)

Our other guest is current GCC student Nada Aljuboori. Nada has an 8 year old boy who is in the third grade and she wants to know more about how she can help him improve his reading. His first language is Arabic, and he is able to read and write in Arabic, but is having some challenges in developing these skills in English. 

Video 1: Five elements of reading

In the first video, Sherri explains what the five elements of reading are: Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Video 2: Signs your child may need help improving reading skill

In the second video Sherri and Nada talk about Nada's son's reading and what might be signs that he needs help improving his reading.

Video 3: Language testing and resources

In this last video, Sherri explains what are the different language and language skills tests that are administered in the public schools and what resources are available.

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