Thursday, March 16, 2017

Music, Your Child and You 

Many GCC students have children.  Young or old, elementary school or high school, your child may be interested in studying music or studying an instrument.  Unfortunately, many public schools in Arizona have reduced or eliminated their musical programs, leaving parents with fewer resources for providing musical education for their children.  

GCC Student Raiza wanted to find out about resources available to help support her 12 year old son Kevin's musical abilities.  He already plays drums - percussion - and expressed interest in learning to play the guitar.  Raiza bought him a starter guitar but didn't know how to find lessons for him.  So, we met with GCC's Faculty member Chuck Hulihan to see what resources might be available for Kevin. 

Music Instruction Resources in the Community 

Here are three organizations that provide music instruction, group and individual.  These are community run organizations, and are either very reasonably priced, or have very generous scholarship programs.  Each of these programs are in fact run by former GCC Students! Chuck Hulihan was their teacher! Feel free to contact them to learn more about their programs and if they might be a good fit for your child. 

Rosie's House Most affordable option
Rosie's house provides high-quality music education programs that are accessible to children living in economically disadvantaged communities. They are committed to creating the next generation of life-long learners and lovers of music that are creative, innovative, and productive members of society.

Morbyusmusic Most convenient location
Morbyus Music provides individual or group instruction  at your home, school, or community center for any age, any instrument. This option might be helpful for people who need to find options within their local community. 

PCM Rocks Located at Metrocenter
The Phoenix Conservatory of Music provides high quality music education to nearly 2,000 students every year.  Their programs include after school programs for groups, and advanced private lessons.  This organization is located in downtown Phoenix. 

Music at GCC

Instruction and Lessons 
If you are interested in studying music, know that GCC has an excellent music program. You can study different instruments such as piano, guitar, or drums, or even singing in a choir. You can take group lessons or individual lessons.  You can also study different types of music such as classical or jazz.  Click here to learn more about GCC's music program. 

Performing Arts Center at GCC 
GCC has a beautiful performing arts center!  Click here to see where it is.

Free concerts at GCC 
GCC has many musical concerts and events, featuring professional musiscans, students and GCC faculty musicians.  These concerts and events are free, and are wonderful way to share and experience music with your family.  

Interview with Chuck Hulihan, GCC Music Faculty Member 

Here is our interview with Professor Chuck Hulihan.  In this interview, he plays the guitar for us, he explains to Kevin how to set up his first guitar, and he describes different resources available in the community to help provide music lessons - group and individual - for your child. 

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